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Instrument Enclosure > SP455A Power Supply Enclosure
SP455A Power Supply Enclosure

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Price: $25.50
Availability: SUNeMALL.com can make your customizing chassis, please contact us!
Prod. Code: SP455A

SUNeMALL.com provides some high grade case for multi-purpose electronic project. You can use this enclosure for your Power supply project. Its stylish look shape & construction design are professional. The design of enclosures provides high strength and rigidity at an economical price. It consists of 2 mild steel parts, 1 aluminum panel which can be assembled with machine screws for repetitive assembly & disassembly for easy servicing.

  • Body Size: width 4.3"/ 105mm, height 3"/ 142mm, depth 4.7"/ 153mm
  •  Weight: Approx. 1.5lbs/ 668g
  • Mild Steel and Aluminum has a Pre-drill hole with printing
  • Color: Silver Green

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