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Aluminum Heat Sink > SS112 0.75" x 0.8" x1.3" Aluminum Black Heat Sink
SS112 0.75" x 0.8" x1.3" Aluminum Black Heat Sink

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Prod. Code: SS112

SUNeMALL.com provide some aluminum best heatsinks are high efficiency cooling products. The design is an ideal combination of small package volumes and large surface areas for optimal cooling performance. We use aluminum alloy, which is excellent thermal and mechanical properties. Heat sinks are made all features necessary for cooling electronic components, such as electronic devices, audio amplifier, stereo Hi Fi, DIY audio...etc.

  • Size: width 0.75"/ 19mm, height 1.35"/ 9mm, depth 0.83"/ 21mm
  • Weight: approx. 0.004lbs/ 1.4g
  • Made of highly conductive aluminum
  • Finished with black anodized plating

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