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Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Dec 18, 2023
3:07 AM
Discover the essence of pure quality with AussieBasket's Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil collection. Sourced from the finest Australian olives, our premium oil captures the robust flavors and health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. Cold-pressed and meticulously crafted, it retains its natural essence and nutritional value, perfect for dressing salads or enhancing various culinary delights. Elevate your cooking experience with the rich, fruity undertones and distinct aroma of our extra virgin olive oil, a testament to the superior quality and taste found in AussieBasket's offerings. Embrace the pure essence of Australian excellence in every drop of our extra virgin olive oil.

For more info visit -
Aussie Basket
136 Jardin Rd, Wollert VIC 3750, Australia
+61 433 002 528 , +61 430 876 644

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